Wordplay infinitum!


They judge the chicks that settle
Funny how pot calls kettle
Gun pointed out but never in
Can’t face the sin within
Soul lost in a bin
As you listen with a grin
Ayo is the truth

So last night almost got murdered
Though my face got smothered
Try to put me in a slumber
I killed him
Like they did the pilgrims
And left with his car
Now friends at the bar
Handle my Jack
Nicholson bars
They say am the best by far
Tracks laid like tar old tiger on the par
Off your radar
Can’t see me coming

Climax on arrival
Break backs when it’s carnal
She’s passed out like revival
Lost words like recital
Speechless speak less
Rapping is my reflex
Reel (real) like a cineplex
Spitting in a zone sense
Breaking up your defense
Laying out these words
While you take it in like incense

It’s the Malacove flow
So I Malacove go
Ayo mainstage on the Malacove show
Detonate bombs mehn I Malacove blow
Mehn I Malacove blow Mehn I Malacove blow

So sure the house afraid to take bets on me
the sun is sky high till it sets on me
Teflon vest brush the stress off my chest
Better than the rest like A+ on the test
Sitting on the porch
Drink some moonshine
listen to my shoeshine
Lyrics it glistens

Michgan that’s piston
Critics insisting they can’t resist it
Cause I spit that intravenous shit
Defibrillator impressed on your chest
Make you wake up kind of shit
You know that Dominican in your chest
Make you mamawana shit
These fools wanna battle but have
A better chance counting cattle
In a farm with countless cows
While I rattle off my mantle
Winterfell castle
Am past you

Scale of 10 Ayo’s awesome
Check me like am custom
Am harmless (armless)
can’t stand how my contraband band out of hand
Like a stripper handstand in aqua
See that’s beyond land
Feel like shortest man
No one understands me
Liberaci in a suit
No one outshines me
It’s rapping or bust
I don’t give a fuck
goose to lame ducks
cook you mob deep shook you
Look you in the face and shoot you
Nasty like Nas
Gentleman but crass
class like Tella Bass
Fast and furious fast
Welcome to the precipice
Malacove masterpiece
Front-page centerpiece
Shitting on these rappers human centipede X 3


from A Tale of Cool Cities (pick your own price), released January 10, 2014
Rap vocals and all lyrics written by: Ayoinmotion (@ayoinmotion)
Production by: Malacove
Mixed/Mastered: George "Cylon" Casseus of Digital Harmonics (@cylonxx)
Recorded by TeV95 95Labs Brooklyn, NY



all rights reserved


AYoinmotion New York, New York

The passion and energy embedded in Ayo’s lyrical content and performance presence commands attention and has captured the eyes and ears of both the hip-hop and spoken-word poetry communities. He’s served on a panel with the likes of Lupe Fiasco, interviewed Russell Simmons for MTV, and toured Europe. AYo fronts his own band and is currently setting the New York City music scene on fire! ... more

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