A Tale of Cool Cities (pick your own price)

by AYoinmotion

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Welcome and thanks for downloading ATCC. It brings me great pleasure to share an album that has taken a multitude of influences, collaborators and musical journey across Europe, Africa & North America. Please share this gift of music with all your friends, that's why it's free. If you wish to support my art form, please feel free to purchase merchandise available on ayoinmotiondotbigcarteldotcom (note that this should be entered using the correct .com format) Thank You :)


released January 10, 2014

With each song, producers, features, studio engineer and pertinent information are listed. Many of the songs have lyrics attached and when listening on your device, if you tap the song's cover art, its lyrics will be displayed.



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AYoinmotion New York, New York

The passion and energy embedded in Ayo’s lyrical content and performance presence commands attention and has captured the eyes and ears of both the hip-hop and spoken-word poetry communities. He’s served on a panel with the likes of Lupe Fiasco, interviewed Russell Simmons for MTV, and toured Europe. AYo fronts his own band and is currently setting the New York City music scene on fire! ... more

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Track Name: Roman's Taxi
Intro: conversation in the Taxi between Ayo and Roman

Verse 1:
Heavy like a chevy
I shed the weight
Focused on my fate I could shape it
Goal is to be great I could cape it
You know superman fly
Life is kryptonite
That’s when superman dies
Fuck fantasy, dealing with reality
Trying to beat gravity
Of haters being mad at me
I found clarity

The formula:
Do more doubt less
Stay calm some stress
Feel fear repress
Take breaks recess

From a city where the rich man lies
Poor man cries, layman dies
While everyone tries
To make it
No dough take it
Bake it now you got a cake
Cut a slice then
Let your fam eat
Let your friends feast
Let my thoughts beast

Optimus Prime to lyrics
Verses become hieroglyphics
My flow of the wall
So I MJ, be obliged to listen
While I glisten like a piston I am Sisten Chapel
Dave Chapelle my punch lines
The boy is really dope
Get your fix like Olivia pope
Take hits off my hits, Ayo is your Fitz
Give me 2 years that prophesy dawg
Busy with your girl I need privacy dawg
All you do is bark, bark at me dawg/dog

Watch my bite, catch my light
Angels permeate my space
Drape me with lace
I bask in their grace
Smile on my face
I mask my pain
No one sees you cry if you stand in the rain
Cocky but at times
I fear all this might be in vain

Skipped law school for music
Happiness is having talent and you use it
Don’t try to excuse it or recuse it
And go the safe route, that’s not what am about
Go the safe route, that's not what am about
Go the safe route, that’s not what am about
Go the safe route, that’s not what am about
That's not what am about

Ayo and Roman's conversation resumes..

Verse 2:
It was all a dream
Drive to the top
Like it was all a beam
Plotting my moves
Like it was all a scheme
Stunting on these tracks
Like it was all a film
Put the tape on
No need to make up
Stories just memories
On how I came up
Young boy from Lagos
Shinning like Jacob
My heritage was coming of age
With a degree of rage in a city with no cage
Opportunity on the low
Crime on the high
Let the plane fly
Flint in my eyes
Homies rock timbs like they just got a prize
Fronting like their fly
Take the tag off
Wrong thing said, things could really pop off
Arguing about J's
While Jordan getting paid

It’s a tale of cool cities
Pretty to the gritty
New to the old
The story is getting told
The story's getting told
My story's getting told
Track Name: Hamburg is for Lovers Ft. j.alexander
Hamburg is for lovers (X 2)
Every night we touch we touch we touch
Every night we lust we lust we lust
Every night we love we love we love
Our love is a must, a must, a must

Verse 1:
Bright lights blind sight of goddess
Skin tight so wrong it seems right
She takes flight so I move fast
Only in Hamburg for 2 nights
Might be now or never for me to find forever
Pursue with the chase
Slows down her pace
Smile on her face, my God am loving this place

Hamburg is for lovers (X 2)
Every night we touch we touch we touch
Every night we lust we lust we lust
Every night we love we love we love
Our love is a must, a must, a must

Verse 2:
Atmospheric pressure
ambiance with my touch
is atmospheric pleasure
pillaging her treasure
make her come for leisure
bodies aligned in tune
she's in the mood
platter of food
save that for later
she's the customer
I play the waiter
you bet i cater
she feel it in her crater
fish on the hook
just see how i bait her

If hamburg is for lovers
hate is for others
Love can be a mother
But it's really why we bother
Back to the groove
2 step with the moves
love the way she doing it
She got me pursuing it
She want it
She flaunts it
Bad when I want it
funny how her fronting
took us from nothing to something
Dance floor on fire
We taking it higher
Hamburg is for lovers

You love me I love you too
You want me I want you too
You love me I love you too
You want me i love you too

Hamburg is for lovers (X 2)
Every night we touch we touch we touch
Every night we lust we lust we lust
Every night we love we love we love
Our love is a must, a must, a must
Track Name: Malacove Flow
They judge the chicks that settle
Funny how pot calls kettle
Gun pointed out but never in
Can’t face the sin within
Soul lost in a bin
As you listen with a grin
Ayo is the truth

So last night almost got murdered
Though my face got smothered
Try to put me in a slumber
I killed him
Like they did the pilgrims
And left with his car
Now friends at the bar
Handle my Jack
Nicholson bars
They say am the best by far
Tracks laid like tar old tiger on the par
Off your radar
Can’t see me coming

Climax on arrival
Break backs when it’s carnal
She’s passed out like revival
Lost words like recital
Speechless speak less
Rapping is my reflex
Reel (real) like a cineplex
Spitting in a zone sense
Breaking up your defense
Laying out these words
While you take it in like incense

It’s the Malacove flow
So I Malacove go
Ayo mainstage on the Malacove show
Detonate bombs mehn I Malacove blow
Mehn I Malacove blow Mehn I Malacove blow

So sure the house afraid to take bets on me
the sun is sky high till it sets on me
Teflon vest brush the stress off my chest
Better than the rest like A+ on the test
Sitting on the porch
Drink some moonshine
listen to my shoeshine
Lyrics it glistens

Michgan that’s piston
Critics insisting they can’t resist it
Cause I spit that intravenous shit
Defibrillator impressed on your chest
Make you wake up kind of shit
You know that Dominican in your chest
Make you mamawana shit
These fools wanna battle but have
A better chance counting cattle
In a farm with countless cows
While I rattle off my mantle
Winterfell castle
Am past you

Scale of 10 Ayo’s awesome
Check me like am custom
Am harmless (armless)
can’t stand how my contraband band out of hand
Like a stripper handstand in aqua
See that’s beyond land
Feel like shortest man
No one understands me
Liberaci in a suit
No one outshines me
It’s rapping or bust
I don’t give a fuck
goose to lame ducks
cook you mob deep shook you
Look you in the face and shoot you
Nasty like Nas
Gentleman but crass
class like Tella Bass
Fast and furious fast
Welcome to the precipice
Malacove masterpiece
Front-page centerpiece
Shitting on these rappers human centipede X 3
Track Name: BAD MEN
I want you to listen to this story; it’s my story of bad men.
Synonymous for military dictatorships around the world and they are usually men. Like the likes of Pinochet and Idi Amin. I think in this particular case, I want you to vibe and listen. Yes.

Grew up taking cold showers in a place where men live and die with power, build statues of themselves that tower, under fear the people cower, Fuck that I am fighting them till the 25th hour

And I could spend the first 24
Telling you about citizens pain
Real life not scripted like Citizen Kane
Waterless faucets people praying for rain
The type of shit that would drive a mother sucker insane

Wishing life was sweet -sounding like Danity
lost trying to find my sanity
blurry like lenses lacking clarity
feeling held down like gravity

so low yet poverty on the rise
pilfering our money
land generals in a high rise
with Corruption as the grand prize
in their garments well-tailored
army tried it on for size

See how well killing your people fits
when you feed them in pieces and bits
Like Dante’s peak set in the blistering heat
In a plot of Psychopathic tyranny
Like serial killers maiming for giggles and shits, for real!

That’s how it was back then
Wish I could tell you it changed
Not much, the country is still ran by bad men x4

June 93, I was 5 witnessing the riots
Masses tired of military stick and carrots
Turmoil on the streets at the failed golden chariot
Of democracy, which was all talk like a parrot
Growing up in tyranny does something to your psyche
Dictators never leave till they get killed by their sidekicks

Change of face but still the same outfit
Trust issues since I realized early on
Police and robbers are interchangeable
In a land where law and order ain't the sane as truth
Flip it see it can change you too
You try to see if you are able to

Cope in a place with bliss
And sometimes shit
Greed and thievery
Go in hand with love and happiness
When you’re chasing that Al green
Sometimes life can be a split screen
The good the bad and the in between
You just try to get in where you fit in

That we do as a people of survival
So religious every night could be revival
for the wrongs done, did enough right to make a decent rival
That’s the beauty of it all
My people always rise, never fall
Life is beautiful never dull
And we party till it’s last call
Hold you up, even when drama holds you down like a ground ball

That’s how it was back then
Wish I could tell you it changed
Not much, the country is still ran by bad men x4

Coup D’etat Voiceover:
Ladies and Gentlemen of the republic
You are now being overtaken by a new Lieutenant General
I am imposing a 7pm curfew! And those who violate the curfew or speak up against the Nigerian government will be:
God bless, the Federal Republic of Nigeria!
Track Name: Pretty for a Dark-Skinned Girl ft. Sharina Marisela
Verse 1:
Sticks and stones
Could break my bones
But words could never hurt me
Their words could never cut me
She tells to herself
Think that it’s best,
Better than this feeling in her chest
Better that feeling she was less

Dark skin was their issue
Yet she cries in a tissue
Her beauty tied to self-confidence
She seeking sense in backhanded compliments

Waste of time / I didn’t know
Insecure / I never showed
The hate for her skin
Got her wishing
white was her kin
Got her wishing
melanin was thin

Self hate, she’s pulling out her kinks
She’s feeling like she stinks
She’s living on the brink
Self hate kills, It kills from within

Pretty for a dark-skinned girl X 2
He said, she's pretty for a dark-skinned girl

Naturally she's ebony
The world see's an anomaly
She wakes up to greet herself
With hopes to see somebody else
With skin, maybe a little more fair
and eyes, a little more clear
she don't now the value
of being black and beautiful

Verse 2:
Ebony shinning
Stars aligning
Presence in my life
Perfect timing
Sun kissed, your skin is glorious
Insecurities, her confidence so porous
Legs so long and luscious
Still she was so self-conscious
They say beauty begins within
She thinks beauty begins with skin

Pretty for a dark-skinned girl X 2
He said, she's pretty for a dark-skinned girl
Track Name: Harlem To Bedstuy
Harlem to Bedstuy
My thoughts ride
Harlem to Bedstuy
My thoughts ride

Verse 1:
So much on my chest like the crest on my shirt
Real life is a stress, Real life is a test
Forget the grade, i want to get paid just like them

Developers building, new owners moving
Neighborhood loosing, not by their choosing
Life is a cycle
Harlem is changing , everything ranges
on profit, pay up or forfeit
you ain't really gotta love it

New names like Soha
Call it a joke say no ha
But thats Noha
Real estate your place
New face new taste
Rent on the rise cant afford it
Bodega on the corner gone
men I use to love it
Feel some kind of way
Money rules the day
I don't have a say
All i got to say is:

Harlem to Bedstuy
My thoughts ride
Harlem to Bedstuy
My thoughts ride

Verse 2:
A train , riding to Bedstuy
Earphones in my ear
Trying not to care
Thoughts of last night
Keep ringing in my ear

She said it isn’t fair
I was quite selfish
Said i never shared
Something like a shellfish
in relation to emotion
I think she meant love
All we did was __
She really wanted more
But she really wasn’t sure
Hopped off the train
Standing in the rain
It stopped I walked
past brownstones in the corner
occupied by new owners

Barbershops gone, restaurants come
Barbershops gone, restaurants come

Bedstuy is leaving
Bedstuy is gone
Harlem! Bedstuy!
Harlem! Bedstuy!

Conversation with Francois begins about his thoughts on changes in the neighborhood