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Bad Men is the first single from the upcoming album, A Tale of Cool Cities by AYoinmotion. It captures AYo's reality of growing up in a military dictatorship, one also faced by many living under tyrannical regimes around the world. AYo reflects on socio-economic and political effects of having terrible rulers referred to appropriately in this song as "BAD MEN".

BAD Men was recorded at Rubber Tracks, the studio owned and managed my Converse Shoes in Brooklyn, New York. You are encouraged to download and share it widely and spread the message of fighting oppression and the "BAD MEN" who continue to ruin many countries, especially in Africa! Pre-order a free copy of a Tale of Cool Cities now by emailing ayoinmotion@gmail.com or following @ayoinmotion on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.


I want you to listen to this story; it’s my story of bad men.
Synonymous for military dictatorships around the world and they are usually men. Like the likes of Pinochet and Idi Amin. I think in this particular case, I want you to vibe and listen. Yes.

Grew up taking cold showers in a place where men live and die with power, build statues of themselves that tower, under fear the people cower, Fuck that I am fighting them till the 25th hour

And I could spend the first 24
Telling you about citizens pain
Real life not scripted like Citizen Kane
Waterless faucets people praying for rain
The type of shit that would drive a mother sucker insane

Wishing life was sweet -sounding like Danity
lost trying to find my sanity
blurry like lenses lacking clarity
feeling held down like gravity

so low yet poverty on the rise
pilfering our money
land generals in a high rise
with Corruption as the grand prize
in their garments well-tailored
army tried it on for size

See how well killing your people fits
when you feed them in pieces and bits
Like Dante’s peak set in the blistering heat
In a plot of Psychopathic tyranny
Like serial killers maiming for giggles and shits, for real!

That’s how it was back then
Wish I could tell you it changed
Not much, the country is still ran by bad men x4

June 93, I was 5 witnessing the riots
Masses tired of military stick and carrots
Turmoil on the streets at the failed golden chariot
Of democracy, which was all talk like a parrot
Growing up in tyranny does something to your psyche
Dictators never leave till they get killed by their sidekicks

Change of face but still the same outfit
Trust issues since I realized early on
Police and robbers are interchangeable
In a land where law and order ain't the sane as truth
Flip it see it can change you too
You try to see if you are able to

Cope in a place with bliss
And sometimes shit
Greed and thievery
Go in hand with love and happiness
When you’re chasing that Al green
Sometimes life can be a split screen
The good the bad and the in between
You just try to get in where you fit in

That we do as a people of survival
So religious every night could be revival
for the wrongs done, did enough right to make a decent rival
That’s the beauty of it all
My people always rise, never fall
Life is beautiful never dull
And we party till it’s last call
Hold you up, even when drama holds you down like a ground ball

That’s how it was back then
Wish I could tell you it changed
Not much, the country is still ran by bad men x4

Coup D’etat Voiceover:
Ladies and Gentlemen of the republic
You are now being overtaken by a new Lieutenant General
I am imposing a 7pm curfew! And those who violate the curfew or speak up against the Nigerian government will be:
God bless, the Federal Republic of Nigeria!


from A Tale of Cool Cities (pick your own price), track released September 25, 2013
Lead vocals and lyrics: Ayo
Additional Vocals: Sharina Marisela
Keyboard: Alex Clough
Keyboard: Kaley Puckett
Bass: Jesse Beilenberg
Drums: Dillon Treacy
Mixed & Mastered by: Geogre "Cylon" Casseus of Digital Harmonics
Engineered @ Converse Rubber Tracks, Brooklyn New York
Cover Art Designed by: Caleb Moss



all rights reserved


AYoinmotion New York, New York

The passion and energy embedded in Ayo’s lyrical content and performance presence commands attention and has captured the eyes and ears of both the hip-hop and spoken-word poetry communities. He’s served on a panel with the likes of Lupe Fiasco, interviewed Russell Simmons for MTV, and toured Europe. AYo fronts his own band and is currently setting the New York City music scene on fire! ... more

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